Whole Health Programs

Whole HealthBe a certified Whole Health Educator or Coach™ through the National Institute of Whole Health. Enroll through Sandhills Community College and receive $250 off your tuition.

Are you looking to provide your clients with evidence-based health information and coaching to facilitate lifestyle changes, while contributing to a better health care system that promotes wellness instead of treating symptoms?

Are you interested in being taught by the world’s leaders in the field of Integrative and Natural Health and Nutrition?

Would you like to be accepted as a Select Provider and Health & Lifestyle Coach in one of the country’s largest Integrative insurance provider networks?

Do you have a passion to educate people and bring them to an understanding and experience of optimal health?
If so…

As A Health & Lifestyle Coach

Whole Health professionals educate, coach or facilitate lifestyle changes to improve the health and well-being of their clients as well as demystify the science of health and disease in a variety of healthcare settings.

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Learn with the some of the world’s renowned leaders and experts in the whole health and wellness movement. You will learn to work with a host of healthcare professionals and be the bridge that joins the established medical community with the Complementary and Alternative Healing Arts field. Increase the scope of your healing skills and services and enhance your career. Learn the skills and knowledge for Healthcare’s fastest growing sector!

The curriculum and course work is delivered via professionally produced DVDs, conveniently streamed on-line, which are actual classes presented at leading Boston area hospitals and medical schools with nationally recognized physicians, health and nutrition experts, as well as the NIWH faculty. The program includes whole health focused course material, comprehensive written curriculum, professionally accredited continuing education, as well as the optional in-person Special Events held in Boston. These special events are attended by and open to all NIWH students.

For students who cannot attend the in-person workshops selected presentations are streamed on the NIWH website in our password protected "For Distance Learners" section.

Contact Information

Bill Croft, PhD, RRT-RCP, CWHE
125 Kennedy Hall
(910) 695-3836


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